Monday, February 21, 2011

A Really Awesome Moldovan

Клавдия (Claudia)
Claudia is one of the people I'm really going to miss when I leave Moldova. She works at the cafeteria in my school, but she is not a lunch lady. She sells coffee, tea, cappuccino, and different types of pastries at her little table in the corner of the room. 
Claudia is Russian/Moldovan thus meaning she mainly speaks Russian. She does speak Romanian, though, so that is mainly how we communicate. She has been attempting to teach me Russian, so in the mornings everyday when I come for a cup of coffee, we speak Russian to each other. 
Last year I went to Claudia's house one day and we knitted together for a while and had lunch. She loves knitting and beading, so she wanted to teach me how to knit a new pattern. I ended up making a scarf with the new pattern. 
This year I haven't been able to go to her house because we've both been busy, but hopefully I will be able to again at least once more before I leave in July.

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