Sunday, March 13, 2011

Celebrations Galore! (Plus the VP!)

Much has happened so far in March.

The first day of March, Martisor, celebrated the arrival of spring (although it definitely did not feel like spring with all the snow on the ground.) The 3rd grade students at my school gave a Martisor concert.

March 8th is a VERY IMPORTANT holiday in Moldova. It is Women's Day. Every year, women are given flowers, boxes of chocolates, and other gifts. It is more than Mother's Day because every woman is celebrated. The 5th grade students at my school gave a 8 Martie concert.

Not only is March 8th a huge party because of Women's Day, but it is also my host mom's birthday! For two days before the big day, we were busy preparing food and cleaning the house. We had about 15 guests, and we were eating all day long. 

 March 11th was a monumental day for Moldovans as Vice President of America Joe Biden visted Moldova! The main street in Chisinau was shut down for the day with people lining the streets holding Moldovan and American flags. Most of us Peace Corps volunteers got to stand behind Biden on the risers while he gave his speech. After the speech, volunteers and Embassy staff got to go to a special "Meet and Greet" where Biden and his wife talked. Afterward, he took a picture with all of us and talked to us about our mission here and several other things. It was rather interesting.