Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dragobetele - Saruta Fetele

Friday night at school was the Dragobete concert. 
(Dragobete is basically like Valentine's Day for Romania and Moldova. As I previously posted, Moldovans do celebrate Valentine's Day, but they do consider it an American holiday. 
Dragobete is all theirs!) 

The concert started around 5:30ish and went to 7:30. There were 4 couples, all ninth graders,
and 2 mc's. There were different competitions the pairs had to do such as declaration of love, talent, dancing, create an outfit representing love, and impromptu question/answer. I was very impressed with how the kids did. There was some singing, guitar playing, drawing, and even some fancy soccer/football moves. Between some of the competitions while the judges calculated scores, there were some dances and songs by other students. In the end, they all won for their own specific reasons. (If you remember the post about the big sports competition at my school, "friendship" won.) So, everyone won at this competition as well.

Viorel and Irina, MC's from the 11th form in traditional Moldovan dress

Cupid asking why the boy loves his girl

2nd form girls throwing rose petals on one of the couples

Dancing in Russian costumes wore during WWII

Soccer skills

8th and 9th form boys doing a dance. They're so cute!
After the competition, all of us teachers got together to celebrate. A few other teachers and I prepared food and wine. We ate bread with different cheeses, meats, fish, and cucumbers. 

Our photographer sneezed while taking the photo :)

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