Monday, December 21, 2009

Fashion Over Function

It is winter in Moldova, and I love it. It isn't the nasty freezing cold winter like back home, but instead it's a "nice" winter, if there can be such a thing. I'm used to the cold, and it's much colder back home, so this is really just a good ol' winter.

I bought some Moldovan boots that are high heeled and go up mid-calf; nothing I would ever wear back home for winter, as I would be afraid I would slip on ice and break my ankles.
The first pair of boots I bought here ended up being for men.
"You cannot wear those unless you are a man or a bunica (grandma.)" my host mother told me, "When you are 70, then you can wear them. Until then you are a lady."
Sadly I returned my men's leather, ankle height, fur lined boots. 
Needless to say, mama was much happier when I came home with boots that were intended for wear by ladies.

I also have my winter coat from home that is working wonderfully,
but host mama is convinced her fur coat is warmer.

I wore my big deerskin chopper mittens to my tutor today; that's the last time I'll be doing that. "What are those things on your hands?" she asked me
To which I replied, "Mittens."
She said "They are very ugly."
I said, "Yes but they are super warm."
"It doesn't matter," she said "because they are ugly."

Summary: Fashion over Function

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  1. Hello! Thanks for the comment... I added your blog to my "follow" list after reading this post - it reminded me so much of my time living with a host family in Russia, when my host mother would make me come to her for approval of my fashion choices before leaving the apartment (she even threw out a pair of my scuffed sneakers, informing me that women should NEVER wear such ugly things).

    Fashion > function indeed haha :)