Monday, November 29, 2010

Pickled Tomatoes

Before I came to Moldova, I didn't eat tomatoes. I didn't like them at all.
As I quickly learned upon arriving here, tomatoes are eaten all the time in the summer. They are served at every meal cut up to be eaten fresh. They are put in salads. They are eaten fresh from the garden. They are eaten ALL the time. 
I was at a friend's house the second month of living in Moldova. We were drinking her grandfather's house wine, which was much stronger than any other house wines I had drank, and we were in need of food. There was nothing to eat except tomatoes and bread. My friend made me a tomato sandwich, and it was actually pretty tasty! 
From that point on, I have slowly begun to enjoy tomatoes. Now I can eat an entire tomato; just give me a little salt and I'm good to go.
Along with discovering that I do actually like tomatoes, I've discovered that I LOVE pickled tomatoes. Yes, when I first heard of pickled tomatoes, I was grossed out. But here they like to pickle things (watermelon, apples, tomatoes, and of course cucumbers.) Pickled tomatoes are my favorite food in Moldova. Absolutely LOVE them. 
This last August/September, I had my host mom show me how to make them so I can make them when I get back home. 

Pickled Tomatoes
In a 3 liter jar, put:
-3/4 pieces of garlic
-bay leaves
-1 big spoon salt
-1 big spoon sugar
-3 big spoons vinegar
-3 tablets of aspirin 

Add boiling water to the jar/s and seal shut. Cover the jars for 3 days to make sure the lids are sealed shut.
You can add other seasonings and spices, but these are just the basics. 


  1. So... what does the aspirin do to the tomatoes?

  2. Apparently it puts acid in them which helps in the pickling process.... or at least that's what my host mom said!