Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mr. Sketch & the English Fans

English Club! My partner, Natalia, and I started our English Clubs in January. We have two separate groups: one for grades 2 - 5 and another one for grades 5 - 9. At each of our meetings we drink juice and eat cookies and other goodies. We talk in English and sing songs. UNO is a big hit with all the kids!! We incorporate English into by making them say the number and color of the card they are putting down. For the older group, we plan on analyzing songs and their lyrics as well as other activities. For the younger group, we plan on simply singing songs and playing games. Natalia taught the younger group a song about kitties sitting on a bench, and they got really into it and did actions. The names of the clubs were serious business! Everybody came up with names, and then we voted between all the names. The older group is called "Mr. Sketch and the English Fans." One boy came up with Mr. Sketch from the scented markers we were using, and another girl came up with English Fans. Mr. Sketch had more votes, but we decided there should be something related to English in our title. The younger group decided on "English City". This was after some serious debate between "Copybook", "Babysitter", and "Card Club". Thankfully, English City won out. 

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  1. CUTE!!! I wish their name was Babysitter though.