Monday, January 18, 2010

Hram = Huge Town Party aka Too Many Masas

Beautiful view walking through the park. 

Old New Year's January 14th: My partner teacher/ Best Moldovan Friend Natalia, her daughter, and her aunt

Hram - I guess you could compare this to the city's birthday. The entire town shuts down including schools (another day off!) and everyone parties. I went to a masa/dinner at Natalia's house, then came home for another one. After the masa at my house, we went to the city center where a huge concert was taking place. The entire town was there, and everyone was dancing. After the concert ended at around 10:30, we went to another masa at a family friend's house where everyone did karaoke and of course ate, ate, and ate.

Moldovan friends at Hram!

Host mama and me at Hram

Side view of the concert. I guess this is a famous Moldovan band, but not sure who they are. Everyone was dancing and singing to them. 

Host brother Costel with our cat Thomas.


  1. Your longer hair looks beautiful, Miranda!

  2. Thanks Erin! I'm trying not to cut it while I'm here.

    Thanks Sal! I made it.