Thursday, June 11, 2009

Istanbul- Hot and Humid

Currently sitting at the airport in Istanbul.
Grand Forks time: 5:40 am.
Istanbul time: 1:40 pm.
The weather inside the airport is hot and humid. Yuck. Definitely not used to this.
I'm very very very tired. I got about 2 hours of off and on again sleep near the end of the 10 1/2 hour flight. I'm exhausted and planning on heading for the gate shortly to take a nap until we fly out to Moldova at 4:50.
Once we get to Moldova, we are having a supper with our mentor. I'm not sure how exciting I'm going to be at this supper since I'm running on near zero energy, and I'm pretty sure I smell from the humidity... Oh well!
Meeting lots of fun people. We have quite the group. I'm one of the youngest coming in at 22. It ranges all the way up to several rockin' men who I believe are in their 60's.
There are 62 of us, which seems like a large number. However, I was told recently (about 10 minutes ago) that an average of 40% of each group that is sent to Moldova drops out within the first 6 months. Scary statistic. I sure hope I'm not one of that 40%.
Very tired; ready to take a nap. Missing everyone so much already.

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  1. Hey Miranda:
    Good luck to you. I am Jon Rentler's Dad.
    He's the tall blond with a crew cut and blue eyes. Please tell him I said hello and to write us!!!!
    I will say some prayers for you as I say them for him
    take care
    Russ Rentler