Saturday, May 2, 2009

2nd to Worst Vet Visit Ever

I took my cat Bauer to the vet yesterday for her yearly checkup. Overall she's doing really well. The vet said she could stand to lose a pound or two, but I'm definitely not worried about that. Apparently her fur is greasy, too, because she doesn't groom herself very well. I didn't know a cat's hair could get greasy.
Anyway, since I am leaving in 39 days for the great country of Moldova, obviously someone has to take my cats while I am away. Marc, who is a friend of mine, is taking the cats. He has taken care of them for a while (they are half his anyway; we used to live together) so he will be a good dad for them.
While we were checking Bauer in, we had to change their owner information from my info to his. This was extremely sad. Now, I've known for a while that I'm going to have to make many sacrifices while I am in the Peace Corps, but this one is the first and it hit me hard. Changing Bauer and Jack's owner from my name to Marc's name sucked.
I know he will take good care of them, but I already miss them.

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  1. Miranda,
    This blog is incredible! I am so proud of you. Marc will take great care of the cats while you are gone. Lauren is looking forward to spending time with you before you leave. This will be an amazing experience! And look on the bright side, the economy really sucks right now, and jobs are hard to find! take care of yourself, Love, Patti