Friday, April 22, 2011

I Love Easter Cake!

Easter is coming! And along with Easter come Easter cakes! Some people may not like these cakes, but I find them delicious. They are a traditional food here in Moldova that people eat when it is Easter. People either make them home-made or just buy them from the market.
Yesterday outside of my school I was excited to see the annual Easter Market. There was a row of booths with people selling all sorts of things: clothes (lots of underwear for some reason), ducks and other birds, pottery, and Easter Cakes! I went with my partner Natalia to check it out in between breaks and I bought a little cake for 5 Lei. I wanted to eat it right then and there, but she said that was kind of weird and it is more special to eat it on Easter. Sadly I put it uneaten into my bag.
After classes I went with my friend Amanda to check it out again, and I bought another Easter Cake. This one was from a different booth; gotta show them all a little love!
Finally at English Club, I was able to eat both the cakes with my 5th form girls and Amanda. Super tasty. Can't wait for Sunday when I can go crazy with the cakes.

Booth selling Easter Cakes!

Truck with Ducks!

 As for Easter, tomorrow we're going to the village to be with the grandparents. Saturday night at about 11 or midnight is the Easter Church service, which I didn't go to last year because I was sleeping. I told my host mom to make me go this year, though, so hopefully I won't sleep through it again...

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  1. My host mom made these cakes this morning!!!! One of them didn't come cleanly out of the pot so I was able to taste it. Very yummy!